The Nationals completed two trades that appear to have been in the works for a while. Milledge has some mild baggage from New York and Dukes has some serious baggage from Tampa Bay. Both could potentially be the middle of the line-up bats that the Nationals are looking to add to the team. The question is at what price.

No one knows if these two once prized prospects are the basis for a much larger trade or not, but hopefully the Nationals are not becoming the weigh station for other teams tarnished prospects and undesirable club house players.

Milledge may just need a fresh start and some guidance from an experienced veteran to turn things around, but Burkes past seems entirely different. It's encouraging to hear that Dimitri Young would like to give back to the organization ESPN AP Article.

Frank Robinson was known for telling players that hustling to first base and doing what he says will be rewarded and not doing what's expected of them will have repercussions. This came into focus early in Soriano's one year stint as he learned the OF. He didn't run out an out to first base and was benched. He was upset and Guillen informed him that Frank told everyone to leg out the outs. Soriano was no exception and understood immediately that there are consequences for everyone. The same policy should be implemented for the entire team to show the new players that their not singled out, but that any type of incidents will have a larger impact and course of action for them.

In another winter meeting trade, the Nationals exchanged pitching prospects with the Yankees. Jonathan Albaladejo if he passes a physical will be sent to the New York Yankees for right-hander Tyler Clippard. See this local seo london .

Rumors also are fluttering about that the Nationals could be in the market for a catcher after losing Schneider via trade or free agency. It would seem much more sound logic to acquire a free agent mediocre catcher then trade for a mediocre catcher that won't be here for the long haul AND give up a prospect.