Many are starting to lose the faith and patience with Joe Gibbs. Version 2.0. Joe has so many coaches and many of whom were with him during the first tour of duty. But some things have changed since his first stint with the skins.

It's not as much the salary cap that's changed, but the players and culture. During Joe's first tour of duty Joe would take it on the chin, but it was the players that strapped it on their chin and won games for him. The OL looked for DL to pancake and create lanes for the backs and allow the quarterbacks to connect with the wide outs. You can see this book of mormon tickets tampa .

Joe and the team worked hard together and would make half time adjustments. How we can all recall hearing Joe was the king of the half-time adjustments. Yet when Joe looked human and called consecutive time outs at the end of the game which allowed the Bills to kick a game-winning field goal from closer in, the fans seemed to doubt Joe. Joe showed in one of his weakest and most humble moments just how strong he was as he took yet one more hit on his chin and any ego he had.

Yet when Joe came out following the game and blamed the loss on himself after such a trying week, where were the very leaders and players coming out and defending Coach Joe Gibbs? Was it Joe Gibbs that didn't block for Portis to run or Joe that turned the ball over or Joe that dropped passes or even Joe that couldn't take the ball away from the Bills or sack a young quarterback down the stretch to get the ball back and deny Buffalo from winning the game?

Coach Joe Gibbs has always put the Redskins, the organization, and the players first. Would any of the past players allowed to let Joe take the fall for the loss? Hopefully now everyone has learned just how much he has their back and bleeds burgundy and gold? This is the difference between yester years and today. Once today's players learn how much Joe cares about them, then maybe the execution on the field will improve and so will the swagger of a winning team.