4 Superbowl Championship Rings divided by 2 Head Coaches plus 2 badly-timed timeouts multiplied by 2 AFC East opponents. I'll wait. Don't forget to carry the 1. Oh, there is about ~40 mile difference that throws some weird trig on it like COSECANT.

Yeah, you get 2 big losses.

Ravens first. You are outgunned, playing the Best Team Ever. Your defense was once best in the NFL. You have your "12th man" behind you as you stay in the game and even lead for most of it. How do you call a timeout like that. Hindsight is 20/20, but on 4th and 1, don't you call the timeout earlier? Can you ice an entire offense? I know it was because your defense did not have the right personnel. But still, the worst part? You made me stay up past my bedtime on a school night. I don't watch the end of Monday night football because 90% of the time, it's boring.

Redskins second. You honor Sean Taylor. His father said to make the playoffs. That's how you honor him. You dominate the first half, albeit with FG's. You lead most of the game. Your defense gives up one big play. You call 2 consecutive timeouts. All 3 of my fantasy football teams are named after you, but I still want to bash you so bad. Q, my co-premium season ticket holder, kept asking me, "Does he not know that!??". I was stunned. Couldn't answer. Yet, I can't bash you in. You went through one of the worst weeks a head coach and team could possibly go through. Maybe that was in your head. We don't know. You might not know.

Should Billick be fired? Should Gibbs resign? Would either team be better without their current leaders? I answer the latter no. Billick needs a superstar defensive coordinator to run the D so you can concentrate on the offense, since you are the "Offensive Genius". That way you can pick the next Elvis Grbac, Trent Dilfer, or Kyle Boller to run your team. Look at this miami seo companies .

Gibbs needs time. We've given him 4 years. OK, maybe. We seemed to be on track. It got off the rails. But really, who could fix this team now? Could Cowher? Would he?

Both answers sound rather simple and contrary to popular belief. But believe me, I'm not fan of the Ravens, except for their stadium. Sometimes, the truth is the best course of action. I truly believe, maybe one of the few left, that Gibbs can right the ship. No Superbowl, but maybe a contender next year. Who knows? Finish 4-0, maybe we could be a contender this year. Even I can't really see that happening.